Personal Growth Weekly #26

Hey, it’s Michael from,

I hope you’re doing great! Let me add some value to your life. This week is all about increasing our daily energy!

  1. We tend to believe that a good diet and exercise are the only mentionable factors to increase our daily energy level. But we greatly underestimated the power of the increasing mental energy that results from removing unnecessary baggage that drains our energy. In my latest story 5 Psychological Habits That Drain Your Energy I share five lessons to massively increase daily motivation, drive, and happiness.

  2. Here’s #3 - Lacking accomplishment:

    We underestimate the power of building a solid mental muscle. We do it the same way we train our physical muscles: by doing hard things. We can increase the capacity of our battery by challenging ourselves and doing things that demand energy. Our energy constantly adjusts to the level we demand.

  3. The crazy effect about facing challenges: The more challenging things we get done, the easier the easy things will get until they actually bore us. As a result, we’ll create a habit of pushing through the hard stuff, which is a superpower in a world where comfort is an off-the-shelf ready-to-use product.

  4. Are you pondering often? If so, I get you… The thing about delaying unresolved problems is that they pile up and follow us around in a loop. From that moment, they cost us a steady amount of daily energy. The thing is: It is wasted energy because it consumes considerable amounts of it and brings you no solution in return.

    What helps is understanding and action. Instead of imagining the worst-case scenario, use it as a signal: Pondering is a symptom of fear, a powerful emotion that tries to move us into action. Once you let it, you’ll be able to precisely state what was wrong with life (understanding) so you can work to make it right (action).

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