Personal Growth Weekly #25

Hey, it’s Michael from,

I hope you’re doing great! Let me add some value to your life. This week is all about treating your life as your personal artwork.

  1. Let’s be real. You’re doing much better than you think. You’re just your own hardest judge. In my story 10 Signs You Are Doing Much Better Than You Think I’m sharing 10 small hidden attitudes that are signs of your great progress. Keep it up, you’re already winning.

  2. Here’s #4:

    You are not a New Year’s resolution type of person. You are a new day’s resolution type of person.

    You know that you had reasons to act as you did yesterday. But you don’t let your past decisions dictate how you act today.

    You are kind to yourself, even when you’ve offended your own rules.

    You eat, sleep, relax, breathe, and enjoy it because you know exactly how to get back on your road.

  3. Let’s commit to this mindset:

    Let’s create a firework every day and set it on fire by our daily meaningful actions that let us go to bed peacefully and wake up with gratitude, energy, drive, and hope.

  4. Let’s just see life as a personal artwork to be wiped away by the universe. Permit yourself to squeeze as much juice out of it as possible.

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Alright, looking forward to seeing you next week!

Have a great smashing week ahead!

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