Personal Growth Weekly #24

Hey, it’s Michael from,

I hope you’re doing great! Let me add some value to your life. This week is all about productivity.

  1. The modern world provides us with countless ways of what we could do, where we could go, and how we could live. We have so many paths we can take in each moment, but we barely learned to pursue one at a time. Instead, we walk in circles and wonder why it seems like we barely move forward. In my story 5 Practical Steps to Multiply Your Productivity by Doing Less, I’m sharing 5 tips to become more productive by actually doing less.

  2. Let me share one essential right away: When you do something, do it wholeheartedly and say “No” to everything else. Do one thing at a time. It’s all about creating boundaries.

  3. My favorite quote this week comes from Brianna Wiest, who said:

    “You don’t need more vision, you need more consistency.” - Brianna Wiest

  4. Of course, it’s easier to do just another brainstorming session, planning, and envisioning than to go for the real, hard thing. Watching 5 tips about running can appear easier than actually heading for a run. But the only way to earn the self-respect you aim for is to go for it, even when your plan is really tough to accomplish. If you want to see results, always do the thing that has the most influence. Put in the willpower and follow through on it. You got this!

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Alright, looking forward to seeing you next week!

Have a great smashing week ahead!

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