Personal Growth Weekly #19

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I hope you’re doing great! Let me add some value to your life this week:

  1. Did you watch the Mars landing of the rover Perseverance? The challenges of space travel often seem so abstract, technical, and too distant to concern. But they can actually serve your personal growth and shift the way you perceive life. In my latest story 7 Unexpected Lessons We Can Learn From Space Exploration I share 7 lessons about space travel and how they can boost your own personal growth.

  2. In 2016, scientists revised the number of galaxies in the observable universe from a previous estimate of 200 billion to a suggested two trillion galaxies. We don’t need to count them precisely to make the statement that there is seemingly no end in reach. Treat your growth the same way:

    Your growth won’t have an endpoint. There are no achievements that point out that you’ve reached your maximum level of personal growth. Your milestones, your outcomes, and your results are just the fruits of your evolvement, but the evolvement itself is the most meaningful factor.

  3. There will be setbacks on your personal way to your goal, obstacles that will hit you from the left and the right. If you wish these setbacks to disappear, a simple fact is: They won’t.

    Growth is hard, so you need to adopt a mindset that involves confronting this reality head-on, even though you know it will hurt. Traveling with this fact in mind will create a mental Kevlar that makes you resilient and perseverant.

    My favorite quote this week is from Ayodeji Awosika who said:

    “The № 1 thing holding you back from overcoming obstacles is your wish for them to disappear.”

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