Personal Growth Weekly #13

Hey, it’s Michael from,

I hope you’re doing awesome! Let me add some value to your life this week:

  1. *Drumroll* - We’re in the final phase of releasing my new ebook on productivity! Since you’re committed to your personal growth, I decided to give it out for free to you (since you subscribed to the Personal Growth Weekly!). Hope you’re as excited as I am!

  2. The first month of 2021 has passed and some first challenges were to overcome. If you’re going through a challenging time right now, I’d like you to perceive it differently this time: See it as a compliment from the universe. You just leveled up. In my last story Four Mindsets That Can Drastically Shift Your Well-Being I wrote an uplifting reminder that each challenge can contribute to your growth. Just never give up. If you decide to handle it you’ve already won.

  3. Like in his book Meditationsthe stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius points out:

    “Our actions may be impeded… but there can be no impeding our intentions or dispositions. Because we can accommodate and adapt. The mind adapts and converts to its own purposes the obstacle to our acting.”

    You made one of the toughest life decisions to stop the ignorance and finally handle what holds you down, whether it’s health issues, an unhappy relationship, debt, unfulfilling work, or shiftlessness. You’re who you are because of the choices you’ve made and the things you’ve done. You don’t need to be proud of all of them, but be ashamed of none. Here’s your reminder:

    You are alive in this second. Noone can take this from you. So make your life your personal artwork to be wiped away by the universe. Permit yourself to squeeze as much juice out of it as you can.

  4. Let’s do one more round of self-discovery journaling to see how unique and special you truly are. I hope you grab a pen and paper for this one. Did you ever ask yourself the following question: With who have you laughed the most in your life?

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Thank you for reading. Looking forward to seeing you next week!

Have a great smashing week ahead!

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