Personal Growth Weekly #11

Hey, it’s Michael from,

Let me add some value to your life this week:

  1. Another year ahead. Let’s start it with good intentions and with great productivity. In my latest medium story, There Is No Busiest Person Award - Stop Trying to Win It, I share powerful insights on how to break the habit of distracting yourself from real productivity. I hope that they can help you to reach your 2021 goals!

  2. Let’s talk about goals! Especially at the beginning of pursuing a new goal, you’ll notice that you resist starting. You know you want to do it, but you can’t pull yourself together yet. According to Brianna Wiest, resistance is a natural reaction to something new:

    “We are wired not to be happy, but to be comfortable. Your brain resists your goal to be absolutely sure that the new thing you’re heading to can be considered as safe.” she points out in her book The Mountain is You.

  3. Let’s do one more round of self-discovery journaling to see how unique and special you truly are. I hope you grab a pen and paper for this one. Did you ever ask yourself the following question: If you could, would you change the world? How would you change it, and why?

  4. In my latest essay The #1 Strategy to Actually Achieve Your Goals, I share practical steps to reach your goals fast, and with lesser effort. The secret essence is to put a process around your goals that consistently provides you with results in the long run. You can do it!

    The more self-respect you earn through your own actions, the less important your initial goals will seem.

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Thank you for reading. Looking forward to seeing you next week!

Have a great smashing week ahead!

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